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The second Expedition Union was San Diego. The store was set in a new shopping mall, but we had to give the flyer the Roark feel. For this location, we went with a desert beach theme; cactus, palms, and moto included. 


With every season, Roark creates a short film to encapsulate the feeling and mood of the trip. For Fall / Holiday 20 the boys headed to Alaska for Arc of Aleutia. Australia was one of the lucky few locations to have an in person viewing of the film at the Apollonian Hotel. The design of the building and outdoor space lent itself well to the single color line aesthetic. 

With the opening of the first Roark Expedition Union stores, Roark decided to host grand opening parties for the different locations. Accompanying these parties were flyers with the stores illustrated in a one color line aesthetic. The locals were exaggerated slightly to give each location a feeling of an outpost where one could find all that they would need for their next adventure. Los Angeles was the first location, set in the desert of Southern California. 


Although not a Roark store, we did host a pop up location in Australia at Land & Sea. For this location, we incorporated the design of the building as well as some of the local wildlife to really bring the illustration to life. 

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